About Overcomer Press Publishers

Our Mission:

  • Overcomer Press serves the Lord as a non-profit missionary literature and conference ministry. It operates as the Lord provides the means.
  • We publish and distribute books, booklets and missions resource materials. We sponsor the Missions-in-Focus Week conference. Our missions focus emphasizes the Lord’s work around the world from among assemblies gathered to His name.
  • Commenced in 1976, this faith work is maintained and extended by the prayers and gifts of individuals and assemblies with whom we are in fellowship, and income from sales. New literature is published when funds are available. Pray for us and for the new gospel opportunities opening up. (2 Thessalonians 3:1)

Our Vision:

  • Books & Booklets
    Our aim is to meet the felt needs of our audience and readership. We publish materials covering assembly missions work, and books and booklets presenting vital biblical truths, for gospel outreach and for assembly life and testimony.
  • Missions Advantage & Assembly Truth Booklist
    A booklist of recommended missions and assembly truth books and resource materials from other publishers, offered at reduced prices.
  • Missions-in-Focus Week
    The MIF Week is held every other year at MVBC. Its purpose is five-fold: to provide a forum for missions-minded believers, young and older, from assemblies around the world; to emphasize the need for prayer and commitment to Christ; to help rekindle the flame of evangelism among us; to encourage missionaries, national servants and home front laborers wherever they work; and to foster zeal for the truths that build local assembly testimonies at home and abroad, to the glory of God.